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Christine Egg White, Artist
Christine E. White, the Artist

How big can your mind be? How big can your heart be?

My work is about creating immersive connections between art, science, technology, and human relationships. Art is important in science communication. It conveys ideas on intuitive and memorable levels, opening dialog where words cannot. This level of understanding is key to addressing the challenges and opportunities of our day.

Communities have the potential to break or build our air, water, and biodiversity resources. Its easy to avoid this responsibility or think someone else will address the problems. This tension between land and the human touch is the subject of much of my work.

Home for me is Redlands, California. I often paint what’s closest: scenes from our skies and yard, native plants, ocean, desert, and mountains.


Let’s connect! My handle is @ChrisEggWhite for Instagram, Twitter, or the facebook page. Also feel free to email christineeggwhite(at)gmail.com for information on particular pieces, commissions, collaborations and upcoming shows.

Please respect that images on this site are copyrighted. You are welcome to you save them locally for personal use.