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Christine E White, Artist
Christine E. White, the Artist

Experiencing a painting is special – it provides an opportunity to not  only connect with the artist and artwork, but also connect with yourself. I hope these works delight you as you spend time with them today.

Much of my work is created using a rare technique, reverse painting on glass. Such pieces are labeled “mixed media” because oil, acrylic, and/or watercolor paints are used and the glass itself is the canvas.


For reverse glass painting, I work backwards and in layers. The painting is executed in a reverse order: what would normally be finishing touches instead go on first, as the viewer is looking through glass to see the paint strokes.  I’ve developed this approach over time, exploring and inventing processes. Its a combination of experiment, adventure and practice that’s always becoming more interesting and fun.


Having lived in many different areas of the United States, my work reflects the important concepts of place and local culture. I incorporate a range of my daily experiences –  from hiking in Joshua Tree at night to traveling on the I-10 freeway in the morning, and sharing life with particular plants and animals.


Show Information and Contact

I’m represented at The Threshold Art Gallery, 18 E Vine St., Redlands, CA. In the month of April, you can also see my Featured Artists Show at the Redlands Art Association, 215 E. State St., Redlands.

If you’d like to connect via social media, my handle is @ChrisEggWhite for Instagram, Twitter, or the facebook page. Also feel free to email christineeggwhite(at)gmail.com

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