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Christine E White, Artist

Christine E. White is a local artist in Redlands, California. Her vision is to convey in paint the sweetness and transience of our life’s moments.

Christine has been an artist all her life, and in her college years became especially intrigued by mapping and cartography. This led her to a formal study of geography, and she holds her Bachelors and Masters in that field. She returned to painting in 2010, leveraging scientific curiosity to experiment with different materials and techniques. She developed her own method of reverse painting on glass, an older art form where a composition is completed backwards and in reverse. Details are painted on first, and a viewer looks through the glass to see the painting. Christine’s cartographic training grew her ability to envision and execute a painting in layers. She is one of very few California painters pioneering this reverse on glass technique.

Christine also paints in oils, and in 2017 won awards for paintings both locally and nationally. She was the first place winner of the annual RAA Multi-Media Mini Show, a regionally prestigious juried art show hosted by the Redlands Art Association. She also took 3rd place in oils at the Susan K. Black mini show, an annual and competitive show with artists from all over the United States and Canada, held in Dubois, Wyoming.

Actively involved in the Southern California art community, Christine participates in local shows, events, and festivals regularly. Her desire to build positive, energetic, creative community and endlessly experiment to grow one’s art, is contagious.

Show Information and Contact

Christine is represented at The Threshold Art Gallery, 18 E Vine St., Redlands, CA. She will be the featured artist in February 2018, for a show called Stillness, Boldness.

If you’d like to connect via social media, her handle is @ChrisEggWhite for Instagram or the facebook page. Also feel free to email christineeggwhite(at)gmail.com

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